I can't beieve that they are just friends😭! They look so sweet!


Forget the steamy scenes and scandalous gossip, "Bridgerton" fans! The real love story here is the adorable friendship between Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, the actors who bring Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton to life. From years of dance rehearsals to accidentally breaking furniture during those intense makeout sessions, these two are proof that real-life friendships can be just as swoon-worthy as fictional romances.

Friends First, Lovers Later: The Secret to Their Chemistry


Coughlan and Newton have been buddies for years, and their off-screen bond played a huge role in making Penelope and Colin's "friends to lovers" storyline so believable.

"Can you imagine if one of us jumped out and there was someone new at the start of season three?" Newton said in an interview. "It just would not be the same."

Their friendship allowed them to tackle the challenges of filming intimate scenes with a level of comfort and trust that's essential for creating genuine sparks on screen.

"We just really got on," Coughlan admitted. "Either of us would really struggle to be disingenuous, it's just not in us.



From Dance Partners to On-Screen Lovers

Their friendship goes way back! Coughlan and Newton were dance partners before "Bridgerton," giving them a level of physical comfort that probably came in handy during those carriage scenes.

"We had a certain physical comfort level with each other, which helps immensely," Coughlan shared.

That pre-existing chemistry made their on-screen romance feel natural and effortless.

"We just went for it," Coughlan said. "We had to kind of hold back on the chemistry for the first two seasons.


And then it was like when we were ready to unleash it, we were like, 'Here you go!'"

Oops! Breaking Furniture in the Heat of the Moment

Things got a little too passionate on set when Coughlan and Newton accidentally broke a piece of furniture while filming a love scene.

“Hell yeah, we did," Coughlan laughed, proving that their friendship can withstand even the most intense (and furniture-destroying) moments.

Always Cheering Each Other On

Coughlan and Newton are each other's biggest supporters, both on and off the "Bridgerton" set.


Coughlan attended Newton's play, gushing on Instagram, “Smashing it up on the London stage and I’m so proud!”

And when it came time to promote "Bridgerton" Season 3, the pair were practically inseparable, gracing red carpets with their playful banter and adorable friendship.

Just Friends? Setting the Record Straight

Despite the undeniable sparks and heartfelt moments, both actors have insisted that they're just friends.

"We think it's really sweet...because we truly love each other," Coughlan clarified. "He is a really special person in my life."

Newton described their relationship as "incredible," praising Coughlan for her grace in handling the whirlwind of "Bridgerton" fame.


A Friendship That's #Goals

Coughlan and Newton's friendship is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes-cutthroat world of Hollywood. They've faced the challenges of fame, intense filming schedules, and public scrutiny, all while remaining true to their genuine bond.

As we eagerly await more "Bridgerton" drama (and steamy scenes!), we're equally excited to see Coughlan and Newton's friendship continue to shine.

So, what do you think? Does their real-life bond make their on-screen romance even more captivating? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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