From Game of Thrones to Bridgerton: The wildest historical errors in TV and film


From stray coffee cups to fake eyelashes fit for a pop star, historical TV shows and films have a knack for accidentally transporting us back to the 21st century. And while these blunders might make history buffs cringe, they also give us a good chuckle (and a whole lot of meme material!). So grab your popcorn and prepare to suspend your disbelief (and your knowledge of historical accuracy) as we dive into the wildest anachronisms that made it onto our screens!

The "Game of Thrones" Starbucks Cup: A Legend in Its Own Right


Let's be honest, nothing screams "modern-day mishap" like a misplaced Starbucks cup in the middle of a medieval fantasy epic. "Game of Thrones," a show known for its dragons, political intrigue, and, well, copious amounts of bloodshed, accidentally gave us one of the most iconic anachronisms in television history.

Picture this: Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, sitting at a feast fit for a queen. Goblets of wine, platters of roasted meat, flickering candlelight…and a Starbucks cup casually chilling on the table.


The internet, understandably, lost its collective mind. Memes were born, theories were spun, and even the show's creators acknowledged the gaffe, eventually editing the cup out of future broadcasts.

But the legend of the Starbucks cup lives on, a testament to the fact that even the most meticulously crafted fantasy worlds can't escape the occasional real-world intrusion.

"Game of Thrones": Where Water Bottles and Laptop Chargers Roam Free

The Starbucks cup wasn't the only modern-day artifact to grace Westeros. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a water bottle lurking by Samwell Tarly's feet in one scene, a laptop charger chilling next to a dying Stannis Baratheon in another, and even a stray truck in the background of a sweeping battle scene.


"Seriously, did they just forget what century they were filming in?"

"I guess even dragons need a quick caffeine fix and a phone charge."

These accidental glimpses behind the curtain remind us that even the most immersive fantasy worlds are still, well, filmed in the real world. And hey, who are we to judge if a White Walker needs a quick sip of water after a long day of terrorizing the North?

"Bridgerton": Where Acrylic Nails and False Eyelashes Reign Supreme

"Bridgerton," with its opulent balls, scandalous gossip, and heart-fluttering romances, has taken the world by storm.


But even this Regency-era romance isn't immune to a few modern-day slip-ups.

First up, Penelope Featherington's acrylic nails. In one scene, her perfectly manicured fingertips, adorned with a trendy shade of pink, are on full display.

One TikTok user, @audigasmsss, shared their shock, writing, "This just blew my mind because why was this my nail inspo for my nail appt?? 😭😭😭😭 #bridgertonseason3"

Apparently, even Regency-era ladies need a little pampering!

Those Lashes! Those Parking Lines! That Water Bottle!


But the anachronisms don't stop there! Several female characters, including Francesca Bridgerton, were spotted rocking some seriously luscious false eyelashes.

"Is no one else peeved by the fact that the females on Bridgerton had glam faces the whole time beat with highlight, contour and eyelashes??? Aggravating."

Maybe they borrowed some tips from Lady Whistledown's beauty column?

And then there are the parking lines. Yes, parking lines, visible on a street in 19th-century London.

"Did they just…forget to edit those out?"


"I guess even horse-drawn carriages need designated parking spots."

But perhaps the most egregious (and hilarious) blunder is the plastic water bottle casually sitting on the fireplace in a promotional photo.

"This one is literally making me laugh out loud because you're telling me this promotional photo went through all the checks, got all the show's branding slapped over it and no one noticed the honking plastic water bottle on the fireplace!?!? It's not even slightly hidden! Open your eyes! Open the schools!"

Honestly, we can't help but laugh along. It seems even the most glamorous and meticulously designed sets can't escape the occasional real-world intrusion.


Do Anachronisms Ruin the Magic?

While some viewers might find these historical inaccuracies jarring, others embrace them as a source of amusement and internet fodder.

After all, isn't it a little bit endearing to know that even in the most fantastical worlds, actors still need their coffee fix and their phones need charging?

So, the next time you spot a stray Starbucks cup in Westeros or a set of acrylic nails in Regency-era England, don't get too bent out of shape. Instead, take a screenshot, share it with your friends, and have a good laugh. Because sometimes, the most unexpected moments are the ones that make our favorite shows and movies even more memorable.

But tell us, dear readers, do these historical blunders annoy you, or do you find them amusing? Do they detract from your enjoyment of the show, or do they add to the overall entertainment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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