RTSF 2014 Thursday - Emerging Educators' Showcase


On Thursday, the annual Redefining Teacher in the 21st Century Conference (RTSF) took place. The event was held to discuss and redefine the role of teachers in the modern era.

In the opening session, various speakers addressed the audience and introduced themselves. The first speaker, Dr. Jane Smith, highlighted the importance of adaptability and innovation in teaching. She emphasized that teachers need to constantly update their knowledge and skills to cater to the changing needs of students.

The second speaker, Professor John Brown, talked about the need for creativity in teaching. He stressed that teachers should encourage students to think outside the box and develop critical thinking skills. He also discussed the importance of incorporating technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.


The third speaker, Mrs. Anna White, discussed the role of empathy in teaching. She emphasized the need for teachers to understand and connect with their students on a personal level. She stated that a supportive and caring environment is crucial for effective learning.

The final speaker, Mr. David Johnson, talked about the importance of collaboration in teaching. He discussed the benefits of collaborative learning where students work together to solve problems and develop social skills.

Overall, the teachers' introduction session at the RTSF 2014 highlighted the need for teachers to be adaptable, creative, empathetic, and collaborative in their approach to education in the 21st century.