1984 Buick Regal - Unwrapped and Ready to Play!

Marco "Kido" Morales, a third-generation professional wrestler from El Paso, Texas, fulfilled his dream of owning a lowrider that could cruise and show. He encountered obstacles and setbacks, but with hard work, sweat, and sacrifice, he built a car that is both a cruiser and a full-blown radical, nicknamed "Unwrap to Play."

The car features House of Kolor candy paint in violet, magenta, pink fuchsia, and cobalt with gold and silver leafing pinstripes. The molded, painted, and reinforced suspension has four Hi-Low pumps, four dumps, and four batteries, while the interior has fuchsia, teal pink, and purple vinyl. The car has Pioneer double DIN sound system, 13-inch Center Gold Dayton wheels with engraved spinner knock-offs and Milestone 5.20 tires, and various customizations.