Comedy Bits!When David Wallace Reduced Ryan to Tears: The Office Unseen Clip!


This article discusses a deleted scene from the popular sitcom "The Office" titled "The Day David Wallace Made Ryan Cry." The video, which was released as a short clip on the Comedy Bites YouTube channel, captures a memorable moment from the show.

In this particular episode, David Wallace, the boss of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, played by actor Andy Buckley, makes Ryan Howard, a sales representative portrayed by B.J. Novak, cry. The scene takes place in the conference room, where David is seen scolding Ryan for what appears to be a mistake he made at work.

As the title suggests, this interaction leads to an emotional response from Ryan, who is seen wiping away tears.


The article does not delve into specific details about what caused this emotional reaction or the context surrounding the scene, as it assumes its target audience is already familiar with the show.

"The Office" became immensely popular for its comedic portrayal of office life, capturing the awkward and humorous moments between office employees. This deleted scene contributes to the show's comedic theme by presenting a situation that will strike a chord with viewers who have worked in similar environments.

Overall, this article highlights the release of a deleted scene from "The Office" titled "The Day David Wallace Made Ryan Cry." It emphasizes the entertainment value and comedic nature of the show, leaving the audience intrigued to watch the clip and relive the hilarity that "The Office" has become known for.