Cornell Conversation: Office Dynamics Explored


The article discusses a recently released audition tape from the popular TV show "The Office," featuring actor Andy Buckley as the character Cornell Interview. The video was made in 2003 as part of the casting process for the show.

In the audition tape, Buckley portrays a straight-laced and somewhat uptight interviewee named Cornell Interview. He enters the office nervously and proceeds to answer various questions from the unseen interviewer. Throughout the video, he maintains a serious demeanor and delivers the lines in a deadpan style.

The character of Cornell Interview has been described as a "straight man" and a foil to the other comedic characters on the show.


His role is to bring a level of seriousness and professionalism to the office environment. Although the character did not end up being a part of the show, the audition tape has gained a cult following and has been shared online by fans.

Andy Buckley's portrayal of Cornell Interview is praised for its dry wit and ability to generate laughs without overt comedy. The video showcases his talent as an actor, effectively capturing the essence of a character in a short audition clip.

Overall, the article highlights the audition tape of Andy Buckley as the character Cornell Interview from "The Office." It emphasizes the humor and appeal of the video, which has gained recognition among fans of the show.