We flew to Florida to film his 350z!


The article discusses a trip to Florida made by the author and his crew to film a Nissan 350z. The main idea revolves around this specific car, which is owned by the author's friend. They decided to film the car due to its unique modifications and impressive visual appeal.

The author and his crew arrived in Florida and were greeted by the owner, who had made significant modifications to the car. The owner had installed a wide body kit, added flashy graphics, and upgraded the car's performance with a turbocharger. These modifications caught the attention of the author and his crew, prompting them to fly out and film the car.


During the filming process, the author highlights the impressive features of the car. He mentions the wide body kit, which gives the car a more aggressive and eye-catching look. The graphics on the car are also mentioned, with the author stating that they add a touch of uniqueness to the vehicle. The performance upgrades are emphasized, particularly the turbocharger, which enhances the car's speed and power.

While filming, the author and his crew took advantage of the picturesque Florida scenery, capturing shots of the car in various locations. The article concludes by expressing the author's satisfaction with the filming process, stating that they were able to capture the car's beauty and uniqueness on film.

Overall, the article provides an account of the author's journey to film a friend's modified Nissan 350z in Florida.