ARRIVING in MEXICO - Gym Preparation | Carlos Belcast, Daddy Aioli, and Andoni


Carlos Belcast, Daddy Aioli, and Andoni have arrived in Mexico to begin their fitness journey at the gym. They are excited to start their workout routine and achieve their fitness goals. The three friends document their journey on social media, sharing videos and photos of their workouts and progress.

Carlos Belcast, a well-known fitness influencer, is motivated to inspire others through his fitness transformation. He believes that fitness is a lifestyle and wants to show people that anyone can achieve their goals with dedication and hard work.


Daddy Aioli, a nutrition coach, emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition in achieving fitness goals. He provides guidance to his followers on how to maintain a healthy diet that supports their workout routine.

Andoni, a personal trainer, focuses on helping people improve their physical strength and overall well-being. He believes that fitness is not just about appearances but also about feeling confident and healthy.

The trio is eager to explore the gym facilities in Mexico and meet fellow fitness enthusiasts. They are determined to push their limits and challenge themselves during their workouts.

The article highlights the dedication and passion of Carlos Belcast, Daddy Aioli, and Andoni as they embark on their fitness journey in Mexico. They hope to inspire others and achieve their own personal fitness goals.