Sunday's Jamboree Ball: Bim Bam with Si Cranstoun and the RTSF 2023 Jamboree Revue


The RTSF 2023 Jamboree Revue, held at the Jamboree Ball on Sunday, featured a lively performance by Si Cranstoun singing his popular song "Bim Bam." The event was a part of the larger RTSF (Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Festival) Jamboree, which aims to celebrate and showcase the best in musical talent.

Si Cranstoun, known for his high-energy performances and catchy tunes, had the audience on their feet and dancing along to the upbeat rhythms of "Bim Bam." The song, a favorite among fans, incorporates elements of rockabilly and Motown, creating a unique and exciting sound that is sure to get people moving.


The Jamboree Ball, a highly anticipated event of the festival, took place on Sunday evening and provided a glamorous setting for Cranstoun's performance. The venue was transformed into a vibrant dancefloor, filled with enthusiastic attendees eager to enjoy a night of entertainment.

The RTSF Jamboree Revue aims to offer a diverse range of musical acts to cater to different tastes and preferences. Si Cranstoun's performance stood out for its energetic and engaging nature, with the artist's charisma shining through his stage presence.

Overall, the RTSF 2023 Jamboree Revue, featuring Si Cranstoun's performance of "Bim Bam" at the Jamboree Ball, was a highlight of the larger festival. The event showcased both the talent of the artist and the enthusiasm of the audience, providing a memorable experience for all those in attendance.