How to Bulletproof Your Knees with 1 Exercise!


- Bulletproofing your knees can be done in under five minutes with just one exercise, according to Knees Over Toes Guy.

- The exercise is called the backward sled pull or backward sled drag.

- This exercise is great for protecting your knees as it puts the least impact on the joint while increasing blood flow to the knees.

- To perform this exercise, attach a harness to a sled and place it around your hips. Then, walk backward while pulling the sled up and down a set distance.

- After a few rounds, you should feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and calves.

- Backward sled pulls are considered one of the most knee-friendly exercises.


- Instead of counting reps, aim to work for around five minutes at a comfortable pace.

- Factors to consider while performing this exercise are speed, step reach, and weight, as they can affect how it feels.

- Friction between the sled and the floor may vary, so take that into account as well.

- Adjust your speed, step length, and sled weight to find a brisk but sustainable pace that targets your leg muscles and covers enough range.

- Do this exercise three times per week for five minutes before your accessory work to stimulate blood flow to the knees.

- Knees Over Toes Guy, also known as Ben Patrick, wants to help people eliminate knee pain.

- For more exercises to relieve knee pain, you can visit the provided image sources.