Kobe Bryant Once Destroyed Opponents At Rucker Park While Wearing Air Force Ones

All basketball players don't love the game and treat it like a job, something people have openly said. For most though, the game is an ever-burning fire within them that they can only extinguish by getting on the court. Kobe Bryant was one person with an obsessive relationship with the game of basketball.  

Coming off a historic three-peat with the Lakers alongside Shaquille O'Neal, instead of recuperating over the 2002 offseason, Kobe pulled up to the hallowed Rucker Park in Harlem, New York to put on a show in a pro-am tournament. 

Bryant gave those non-NBA talents some serious buckets and even got some down in disrespectful fashion. When you're on the court with a killer like Kobe, mercy can never be expected. He's also made appearances at the Drew League, held in his NBA home of Los Angeles.

Kobe Bryant Did Everything To Perfect His Game

Bryant never attempted to cheat the game as everyone knows that it was almost impossible to outwork Kobe in the gym. Kobe's obsession with becoming the best player in the world ultimately fueled legends of his 'Mamba Mentality'. Players want to get that aggressive edge Kobe had, but it's not something that can be taught or learned. Kobe just had that inner motivation fueling him at all times.

Bryant averaged 25.0 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.7 assists over a sensational 20-year career. he won five championships, two Finals MVPs, and one regular-season MVP. He made the All-Star team 18 times, the All-NBA team 15 times, and the All-Defensive team 12 times. The fourth-greatest scorer in league history has left an indomitable legacy that following generations will always aspire to reach.