Ellen Pompeo calls out Netflix for not paying residuals

Ellen Pompeo struck out at Netflix over the its failure to pay residuals to actors in a social media post from Tuesday.

The streamer apparently drew her ire after including footage of her on Grey's Anatomy as part of a meme shared on TikTok.

But the 53-year-old actress reposted a screenshot of the clip and added her own comment seemingly supporting SAG-AFTRA's recently begun strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represent major studios and streamers, including Netflix.

DailyMail.com has reached out to a representative for Netflix for comment. 

Pompeo, who reunited with her former costar Katherine Heigl in June, was originally featured in a humorous clip posted by Netflix referencing a season two episode.

Not a fan: Ellen Pompeo, 53, called out Netflix over its failure to pay residuals to actors after it shared a meme to TikTok featuring a clip of her on Grey's Anatomy; seen in December 2022 in LA

Ouch! After the streamer posted a clip of her in an episode about a man with a bazooka shell stuck in his chest, she reposted it and wrote, 'Also me when @netflix Doesnt pay actors residuals'

'Me when there's a [bomb emoji] in the chest cavity,' the streamer wrote, referencing the over-the-top storyline of the episode. 

'Also me when @netflix Doesnt pay actors residuals,' she wrote atop the image in her own post, which was shared to her Instagram Stories.

'holla let's talk,' she added.

Pompeo hasn't officially spoken out about the actors' strike, but her post appear to put her support firmly behind SAG-AFTRA members fighting for a more generous contract.

To underscore the lack of residuals — payments that actors, screenwriters and other creative artists receive when their films or TV shows are licensed or viewed — that are paid out for content available on Netflix, several actors have been sharing photos of their residual checks for mere pennies.

Although Netflix has been singled out as a popular villain in the struggle for a more equitable contract, the streamer does not pay out residuals, which are instead covered by the distribution company that license content to the streamer.

However, content licensed to Netflix and other streamers still generates far less in residuals that a film or show that aired on traditional television, and many writers and actors are calling on Netflix to also pay them residuals to give them something closer to a living wage.

Residuals are particularly important for creative artists in Hollywood and the film and television industry, as they can go weeks, months or even years between projects.

Although many actors have become massively wealthy, the majority of actors represented by SAG-AFTRA don't even earn enough to get the union's health insurance.

Members currently need to make at least $26,470 from acting jobs in order to qualify, and persistently low wages and a lack of residuals contributing to low earnings.

In the referenced season 2 episode, which featured guest appearances from Christina Ricci and Kyle Chandler, a man was brought into the ER after lodging a live bazooka shell in his chest when the homemade device misfired.