Grey's Anatomy finale recap: Link and Jo make it official

Love is in the air on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy! Everyone who is currently on — or used to be on — the Grey Sloan Memorial roster is hooking up, and I'm here for it. With all these happy endorphins rushing through the hospital hallways, I will choose to believe that Teddy (Kim Raver) doesn't die and will be returning next season to deal with a medical condition that has to be more significant than a toothache.

Cupid's arrow first lands on Griffith (Alexis Floyd). Even though it's her wedding day and all the residents make the odd decision to go to work in their fancy clothes, one might assume Griffith would excuse herself from squishing in a few hours in the ER. Wrong. Griffith must lock eyes with Adams (Niko Terho) and allow him to channel his Aunt Meredith, desperately calling for her to pick him, choose him, love him. He does not.

Helm (Jaicy Elliot) and Yasuda (Midori Francis), another love match, join Millin (Adelaide Kane) to help Griffith prepare for the charming backyard wedding. Unfortunately, several signs point to Griffith not marrying Trey (William Martinez). Her dress zipper breaks. A robin, her mom's favorite bird, slams into a window and dies. Finally, there are no flowers for the ceremony.

But the biggest kicker is Griffith's grandmother gives her permission not to marry Kenneth if she's in love with Dewayne. Who are these people? I'm glad you asked. Griffith's grandmother has Alzheimer's and thinks she's talking to her daughter. Griffith's father's name is Dewayne. This means once upon a time, Griffith's mom was engaged to another man and left him for Dewayne.

Griffith hops into Yasuda's van and burns rubber on the way to the hospital, where she marches straight up to Adams to tell him she did not get married. Sure, she's in her wedding dress, and it's not at all awkward when he escorts her to the on-call room so Adams can pretend he's on his own honeymoon.

A sudden page keeps the pair from canoodling all day long, and Adams' post-coital high is short-lived when the trauma patient turns out to be Griffith's fiancé Trey. He got into a car accident on his way to the hospital to get Griffith back. When he sees her and Adams together, he immediately knows something is there and punches Adams in the face.

Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) misses all this fun, as he tends to a young boy who has clearly overdosed on something. His quick actions save the boy's life, but protocol dictates that CPS has to be called in these situations. Kwan is irritated that the CPS employee dismisses him when he offers to translate for the Spanish-speaking mother. His frustration grows when the guy doesn't wait for a translator.

While looking in on Maxine, Kwan learns that the mother is going to be taken to the police station as the toxicology report shows fentanyl in the boy's system. Maxine encourages Kwan to follow his gut and fight for the family. He soon figures out that the boy ate what he thought were regular gummies at the rental property where he was staying, which belonged to the previous renters. Problem solved.

As Maxine celebrates her part in this victory, she suddenly can't breathe and quickly codes. Kwan calls for a chest tube but is quickly reminded that Maxine signed a DNR. He doesn't care and intubates her anyway. Millin is livid when she returns from the wedding and battles with the idea of both hating Kwan for putting Maxine in a situation she didn't want to be in and loving him for saving Maxine's life.

Do you know what's the opposite of saving lives? Going down in a plane crash. There was a moment when I thought half our cast were goners. Luckily, the writers just needed a moment where everyone on this particular commuter realized what was important in life.