10 Biggest What-Ifs In NBA History: Michael Jordan Would Dominate With The Trail Blazers

10. What If Len Bias Never Passed Away?

9. What If The Phoenix Suns Drafted Luka Doncic Instead Of Deandre Ayton?

8. What If The Detroit Pistons Drafted Carmelo Anthony Instead Of Darko Milicic?

7. What If The Minnesota Timberwolves Didn’t Pass On Stephen Curry Twice In The 2009 NBA Draft?

6. What If The Portland Trail Blazers Drafted Kevin Durant Instead Of Greg Oden?

5. What If The Golden State Warriors Traded Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson For Chris Paul In 2011?

4. What If The NBA Did Not Stop The Los Angeles Lakers From Forming A Superteam With Chris Paul And Kobe Bryant?

3. What If LeBron James Never Leaves The Cleveland Cavaliers For The Miami Heat In 2010?

2. What If The Charlotte Hornets Never Traded Kobe Bryant To The Los Angeles Lakers?

1. What If The Portland Trail Blazers Had Drafted Michael Jordan Instead Of Sam Bowie?