Unveiling My Debut YouTube Earnings | Exposing the Shorts Fund | 1 Million Special Q&A!

In a recent video titled "My first Youtube income | Shorts Fund Revealed | पहली कमाई | 1 Million Special Q&A," the popular Youtube channel, Facts Mine, shared details about their first-ever earnings from the platform. The video served as a special Q&A session to celebrate reaching 1 million subscribers.

The creators began by expressing their gratitude to their loyal subscribers who have supported their journey. They acknowledged that hitting the milestone of 1 million subscribers was a significant achievement, which they couldn't have accomplished without the love and support of their audience.

Moving on to the main topic of discussion, they revealed the details of their first-ever Youtube income. They disclosed that their earnings primarily came from the recently introduced Shorts Fund, which is a program launched by Youtube to reward creators for their engagement with the Shorts feature.

Explaining the Shorts Fund further, they mentioned that it is a pool of money set aside by Youtube as a way to encourage creators to produce short-form content on the platform. Creators who meet specific criteria are eligible to receive a share of this fund based on the number of views their Shorts videos generate.

After meeting the eligibility criteria, Facts Mine received their first-ever payment from the Shorts Fund. Although they didn't disclose the exact amount, they expressed their happiness and gratitude for receiving the income, which they viewed as a validation of their hard work and dedication towards their channel.

The creators highlighted that this Youtube income would help them grow their channel further and create even better content for their subscribers. They mentioned their plans to reinvest the earnings into new equipment and software to enhance the quality of their videos.

Additionally, the video served as a special Q&A session, where the creators answered questions from their audience. They covered a range of topics, from their journey on Youtube to their preferred video editing software. They also expressed their willingness to collaborate with other creators and their excitement to continue creating unique and informative content for their viewers.

In conclusion, Facts Mine celebrated reaching 1 million subscribers on their Youtube channel by sharing details about their first-ever Youtube income. They revealed that their earnings primarily came from the Shorts Fund and expressed their gratitude towards their audience for their support. They also reemphasized their commitment to creating high-quality content and growing their channel even further.