Behind Closed Doors: The Secretive Tools and Techniques of the Mortuary


Mortuaries are places where deceased individuals are prepared for burial or cremation. This article explores the tools and equipment commonly found inside a mortuary.

One of the most essential items is an embalming table, where bodies are placed for embalming procedures. The table is equipped with a drain and a series of grooves to allow liquids to flow into a waste disposal system.

Another important tool is the embalming machine, which is used to pump embalming fluids into the body. These machines have features such as control valves and pressure gauges to ensure the correct amount of fluid is delivered. Alongside the embalming machine are an array of embalming chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which is used to preserve the body.


Additionally, mortuaries contain a variety of surgical instruments, used for tasks such as suturing incisions and setting broken bones. These instruments are sterilized and kept in sterile packs to prevent infection.

Other tools, like needle injectors and trocars, are used for practical purposes like removing fluids or replacing blood with embalming fluid.

Furthermore, mortuaries also contain a range of cosmetics and hairdressing tools. Cosmetics are used to enhance the appearance of the deceased, making them look more natural for their final viewing. Hairdressing tools, such as brushes and hairdryers, are used to style the deceased's hair.

Overall, the tools found in a mortuary play a crucial role in the preparation of bodies for funerals or cremation. They ensure that the deceased are respectfully and appropriately prepared for their final journey.