Stephen A Smith Says Stefon Diggs Doesn't Want To Be With Bills Anymore: "He Wants Out" (VIDEO)

Whatever tension Stefon Diggs had with Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills seemed to have been squashed earlier this summer, but Stephen A Smith says otherwise.

During Monday's First Take, Stephen A. claimed that the star wide receiver remains unhappy in Buffalo and "wants out."

"[Diggs] wants out by the way," Smith said. "I'm just telling you what I know. I got my own sources. … Stefon Diggs got to be there, but he would prefer to be gone because he's lost a level in belief in the Buffalo Bills."

Smith added that Diggs "ain't feeling" the Bills the way he once did, but the star wideout won't force his way out of Buffalo.

Whether or not Diggs wants out will remain a question and topic of conversation until Diggs himself comes out and squashes those claims.