REPORT: The Colts Want At Least A First Round Pick In A Trade For Jonathan Taylor

On Monday, the Indianapolis Colts reportedly gave Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade, but that doesn't mean they will just give the 24-year-old running back away.

According to ESPN's Stephen Holder, while giving Taylor permission to see a trade, the Colts want a significant return including a first round pick or multiple picks that amount to similar value.

It seems unlikely that the Colts will get a first round pick because any team trading for Taylor will also likely have to give him a long term extension.

The last blockbuster trade involving a star running back saw the 49ers send a second, third, and fourth-round pick in 2023 along with a 2024 fifth-round pick to the Carolina Panthers for Christian McCaffrey last year. The difference was that McCaffrey had already received his long term extension prior to the trade.

Taylor, on the hand, is approaching the last season of his current deal. Any team who acquires Taylor must quickly try to lock down the 24-year-old to a long-term extension. They certainly wouldn't cough off a first-rounder for a one-year rental.