Bodily Channels in the Funeral Home


"The Mortuary's Fascinating Collection of Veins and Arteries"

When we think of a mortuary, we usually associate it with death, grieving families, and the afterlife. However, there is a place where the deceased are viewed in a completely different light - The Mortuary's collection of veins and arteries.

This unusual exhibit showcases the intricate network of blood vessels that are essential for human life. With over 100 specimens on display, the mortuary offers a unique opportunity to witness the complexities of the human circulatory system up close.

The collection consists of preserved veins and arteries from individuals who have chosen to donate their bodies for science and education. Visitors can marvel at the delicate structures and variations in size and shape, gaining a deeper understanding of how blood flows through our bodies.


Thus, the exhibit serves a dual purpose: honoring the legacy of those who have selflessly donated their bodies, while also educating the public about the inner workings of the human body.

The mortuary hopes that this exhibit will inspire visitors to appreciate the incredible complexity of our bodies and encourage them to consider organ donation as a way to make a lasting impact even after death.

Overall, this unique exhibit reminds us that even in death, there is still much to learn and appreciate about the human body, and that in our mortality lies an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.