Lakers' LeBron James Remembers 'Helluva Night' With Kobe Bryant At Michael Jordan's 2013 Birthday Party

After the celebration of Kobe Bryant's 45th birthday on 8/23 and then Mamba Day on 8/24, star athletes are still finding time to remember the Los Angeles Lakers icon's legacy. Another post surfaced on social media that includes Bryant alongside LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and Charles Oakley at Jordan's birthday party in 2013, to which James reminisced upon on social media.

It is a super cool clip of the NBA legends, one that shows the icons of the game having a conversation at what looks to be a rowdy birthday bash for Jordan. Jordan has been known as a guy who likes to have a good time, so it comes as no surprise that he invited the best and the brightest to come celebrate his birthday.

LeBron James has been active in remembering Kobe Bryant during both Mamba Day and Bryant's birthday, as the Lakers star recently took to Instagram to share a picture of the two together during their younger days. James included a simple caption with the post, adding an infinity emoji and a snake emoji to symbolize Bryant's Mamba nickname.

Besides posts like these on social media, Bryant is now officially getting immortalized via a statue as well. Bryant's wife Vanessa Bryant announced through the Lakers Twitter account that Kobe will be getting a statue in the heart of Los Angeles. It is long overdue and there will certainly be a celebration the night the statue gets unveiled.

Although Kobe Bryant is gone, he will undoubtedly never be forgotten. Posts like this one with MJ, James, Carmelo and Oakley are great ways to continue to pass forward Bryant's legacy.