Graveyard Conversations - Assembling the Fragments


In a unique case, a mortician in California has brought up a controversial topic - reattaching body parts during the embalming process. The mortician believes that this practice should be considered, as it can help close casket funeral services and provide comfort to grieving families.

Traditionally, when a person's body parts become separated due to an accident or trauma, embalmers do not attempt to reattach them. However, the mortician argues that advancements in medical technology and techniques make it possible to reattach body parts in certain cases.

The mortician claims that he has successfully reattached body parts during the embalming process, including fingers, hands, and even faces. This allows the deceased to appear more like themselves during open-casket services, which can bring solace to the mourning families.


While many are skeptical of this practice, arguing that it is unnecessary and time-consuming, others believe that it is a small act of compassion that can greatly impact the grieving process. The mortician compares it to reconstructive surgeries for the living, stating that just as these surgeries help individuals regain their sense of self, so too can reattaching body parts for the deceased.

Despite the controversy, the mortician has received positive feedback from families who have experienced the benefits of reattaching body parts. Some funeral homes have even started offering this as an option. Ultimately, it remains a personal decision for individuals and families to make. But for those who desire a fully intact appearance during their final farewell, reattaching body parts may offer a sense of closure and comfort.