The Graveyard Showcase: Instruments of the Profession


This article discusses the tools and equipment used in the mortuary business, which is often referred to as "mortuary show and tell." The mortuary industry involves preparing bodies for funerals and burials. Funeral directors and embalmers use a variety of tools and equipment to perform their tasks.

One of the essential tools used in the mortuary business is the embalming machine. This device pumps embalming fluid into the body, ensuring that it is preserved for viewings and funerals. Another crucial tool is the embalming table, which is used to hold and position the body during the embalming process.


Additionally, funeral directors use various instruments during the embalming process, such as arterial tubes and aneurysm hooks. These tools allow them to remove blood from the body and inject embalming fluid into the arteries.

Other tools used in the mortuary business include forceps, scissors, and sutures, which are used for stitching and arranging the features of the deceased for viewings. There are also cosmetics and facial wax used to restore the appearance of the deceased. In some cases, restorative art can be applied to overcome injuries or damage to the body.

Overall, mortuary show and tell is about showcasing the equipment and tools used in the mortuary business. These tools are essential for funeral directors and embalmers to perform their work and ensure that the deceased look peaceful and presentable.