Chilled corpses waiting in the morgue


The mortuary is a place where deceased bodies are stored before burial or cremation. However, in this particular mortuary, something peculiar has been happening. The bodies are not decomposing as they should be, but instead, they remain frozen. This strange phenomenon has left the mortuary staff baffled and has sparked curiosity among the public.

The freezing of these bodies is an unprecedented event, as the mortuary has always been able to preserve the deceased bodies effectively until they can be laid to rest. Despite the controlled temperature and proper storage conditions, the bodies are not undergoing the natural decomposition process.


Experts have been called in to investigate this puzzling occurrence. They suspect that there may be a technical glitch in the mortuary's cooling system that is causing the bodies to freeze rather than decompose. However, investigations are ongoing, and no conclusions have been made as of yet.

While the mortuary staff is concerned about this anomaly, they are also cautious not to cause alarm among the public. They assure the community that there is no health risk associated with these frozen bodies and that they are working diligently to resolve the issue.

As the mystery surrounding the frozen bodies continues, people are left to wonder what could possibly be causing this unusual incident. Until the investigations yield results, the mortuary staff can only hope to find a solution to this enigma and ensure that the bodies are preserved properly until they can be laid to rest.