Glimmers of Hope: Love Prevails Amidst the Loss of an Innocent Life


In a heartfelt gesture, charity organization Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep captures the love and memories of parents who have lost their babies. The nonprofit group provides professional photographers, free of charge, to take pictures of stillborn babies or newborns who are expected to pass away due to illness or other circumstances. The aim is to support grieving families during their difficult time and help them create lasting moments with their little ones.

The organization was founded by Cheryl Haggard, who lost her son Maddux shortly after birth in 2005. Haggard realized the importance of having tangible memories of her baby and decided to offer the same solace to others going through similar experiences.


Since then, the organization has grown and now has over 2,300 volunteer photographers globally, ready to provide their services to grieving families.

The photographers spend up to five hours capturing precious moments with the babies, ensuring that every detail is documented. The resulting photos are then shared with the families who can choose to keep them private or share them publicly, as an important memorial for their child.

These photographs serve as a precious reminder of the love and bond between the parents and their little ones. The charity's important work helps bring some comfort and healing to families who have lost their babies, allowing them to cherish the memories of their precious child forever. The empathy and love shown by the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photographers play a vital role in supporting grieving families during their most challenging times.