Cleveland Browns Are Being Criticized For Causing Delays After 'Trashing' Charter Plane On Way Back To Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns have come under fire yet again.

According to, The Browns allegedly trashed a United Airlines airplane that chartered them from their training camp location in West Virginia back to Cleveland in preparation for the Hall of Fame Game.

Flight UA1893 was supposed to depart from Washington DC and head to San Francisco Monday but was delayed 36 minutes due to a major cleanup. The gate agents explained to impatient passengers waiting to board their flight that the plane 'had been used to charter a professional sports team earlier that day.'

Once passengers were aboard, the pilot explained that "It was the most disgusting he's seen a plane in his career." He even said the plane was 'full of garbage, spilled food and drink everywhere, etc." 

Passengers also allegedly found specialty food menus displaying the Cleveland Browns logo in the seat back pockets. 

The Browns returned back to Cleveland to prepare for Thursday's Hall of Fame against the New York Jets.