1964 Chevy Impala Built By A Lowriding Lawyer Who Wouldn't Take No For An Answer!

Tomas Requejo's 1964 Chevy Impala is a tribute to his creativity, struggles, and achievements as a Chicano lawyer and political activist. Despite being discouraged by an adult from pursuing his dream of attending UCLA, Tomas worked hard, graduated college, and became involved in community activism.

His Impala features custom black and purple flaked roof paint, purple and grey ghost patterns, and unique murals. Tomas also owns a 1965 Impala and a 1954 Chevy Bel Air, both painted by Funkadelic. All three cars represent his individuality and determination to defy limitations. The Impala has a stock suspension and 327 engine with Dayton wire wheels, while the Bel Air has an airbag suspension, chrome hubcaps, and a straight six 250 engine