1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible - 60 Shades Of Gray!

Zack Tackett, a lowrider enthusiast from Pacific Beach, California, joined Klique Car Club and purchased a 1962 Impala hardtop as his first classic ride. He later found a 1960 Impala convertible and customized it with a clean, classic look that featured chrome spoke wheels and a charcoal gray paint color. The interior was restored with custom colors and '59 Impala cloth inserts provided by Ciadellas Interiors in Arizona and installed by Davolos Upholstery in California.

The lowrider includes power windows, Nu-Vue spotlights, an Autronic Eye, and a German Stayfast convertible top with the gangster back window. Zack thanks his family, Klique Car Club, Miguel Aguirre, and Lenny Lochmiller for their help in building his prized lowrider known as "60 Shades of Gray."