Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Are Back in Superhero Shape

have both teased that they are competing to see who can get the buffest for the upcoming ... but looking at their current training, that "arms race" is no joke.

Jackman has thrown himself back into his ever since it was first announced that he would be in the upcoming sequel, the first movie to bring any X-Men characters into the main continuty of the Marvek Cinematic Universe. And he's just shared another glimpse at the Wolverine workout: a heavy as hell deadlift.

The actor is using a for this lift, a useful variation for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it shifts your grip to your sides for a more natural movement pattern, akin to picking up a pair of suitcases, contributing to broader functional strength. And in addition to adding heavy weights, you can use it to add explosiveness to your lift.

Ryan Reynolds has also been back at it, and in a recent gym post he gave a shout out to celebrity trainer , who he has , and who is now helping him to squeeze back into the "Big Red Body Condom™️" for a third time.

"My body's been pretty fucked from years of stunts and being more competitive than my bones and ligaments had ambition for," he wrote. "I push things too far sometimes. I mean, I push things too far ALL the time. Moderation's never really been my friend. But thankfully Don has! He's always been there to help me get back to functionality. Mentally and physically."

"I realize how privileged I am to work with someone like him," Reynolds continued. "I don’t do this stuff alone. I don’t take it for granted. I knew getting back to where I needed wasn’t gonna be easy. And adding three months of strike limbo in the middle certainly didn’t help. Anyway… Thanks Don. Here's to the home stretch."