Do You Like It?1983 Cadillac Fleetwood - Homegrown!

Eddie Brown, also known as 'Doo Doo,' is an auto body painter and car enthusiast from Las Vegas. Growing up in Los Angeles, he developed a deep connection to classic cars and eventually started his own auto body shop in Las Vegas.

He customized his 1983 Fleetwood Cadillac, which he named 'Homegrown,' with a 95' Chevy engine, hydraulics, moon roof, pin stripping, and Vegas-themed murals by Nick Lee. After investing about $30,000 and years of hard work, 'Homegrown' won five 1st place trophies at the annual Las Vegas Super Show. The interior features cream leathers and a Pioneer sound system, while the wheels are 13x7 72 cross-laced wire wheels with engraving.