Leger-Walker's Violent Collision on Court Results in Bloody Eye, Infuriating Coach | Wazzu vs Cal.


In a recent basketball game between Washington State and Cal, there was a dramatic and controversial moment when Washington State player, Charlisse Leger-Walker, suffered a bloody eye after banging her face on the court. This incident left her coach furious.

During a play in the second half of the game, Leger-Walker aggressively went for a steal and collided with a Cal player. Unfortunately, she landed face-first on the court, causing a deep gash above her right eye. As blood poured down her face, the game was paused, and Leger-Walker received immediate medical attention.

Not only was the incident shocking for the players and spectators, but it also left Leger-Walker's coach enraged.


The coach was seen arguing with the officiating crew, expressing his dissatisfaction with the lack of a foul call on the play. His frustration stemmed from what he believed was a dangerous and reckless action by the opposing player.

Further adding to the controversy, replays showed that the Cal player involved in the collision appeared to shove Leger-Walker and that the referees may have missed this infraction. However, despite the heated arguments and coach's disappointment, no foul was eventually called.