Power Rankings, Week 5: Celtics regain control of No. 1 spot

While the top of the league may be a bit uncertain, things are quite clear at the bottom. Last week, the bottom seven teams in the rankings had a combined record of 2-20, with only two wins coming from within the group. The Pistons, Spurs, Blazers, Wizards, Hornets, and Grizzlies all currently have losing streaks of at least four games, making them part of the group of six teams that have yet to win four games this season. This season seems to have more struggling teams than in previous years.

Moving on to the Plus-Minus Players of the Week, there are no specific players mentioned in the article. And for the Teams of the Week, it seems that they are not mentioned either.

In terms of the East vs. West matchups, there is no information provided. Although there is mention of movement in the rankings, it is not clear what specific teams have moved up or down.

As for the Team to Watch in Week 5, there is no mention of a specific team or any details about why they should be watched.

The article then provides some statistics about offensive and defensive ratings, as well as the average points scored and possessions per game in the league this season.

Overall, it seems that the article is incomplete and lacks specific details and content. It would be helpful to have more information about the teams, players, and matchups discussed in the rankings. Additionally, providing more analysis and insights into the teams' performances would enhance the article.