A Decade Apart: Contrasts Between American and European Mustang Models

The article discusses the 10 main differences between the US and European versions of the Ford Mustang. The first difference highlighted is that the European Mustangs are available with a diesel engine option, which is not offered in the US. Secondly, the European versions have a different front bumper design and unique lighting features. Thirdly, the European Mustangs have narrower wheels and tires compared to their American counterparts. The fourth difference lies in the handling and suspension systems, which are specifically tuned for European roads. Additionally, the European Mustangs have different interior trims and options. The sixth difference is the availability of different color choices for the European models. The seventh difference is related to the climate control system, which has dual-zone automatic temperature control in European versions. Eighth, the European Mustangs have various safety features that are not present in the US models. The ninth difference lies in the exhaust systems, which have to comply with European noise regulations. Lastly, the European Mustangs have unique badges and emblems specific to the European market.