So Cool! Reborn in Thailand: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air!

This story is about a custom lowrider car, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, created by Volcano Custom Thailand, an automotive shop in Bangkok. The shop specializes in various automotive services including paint and body work, engine building, and interior work. The car was discovered by Chad Burdette, a freelance photographer, who came across the shop during his exploration of unique builds and shops in the country. The Bel Air started as a restoration project but eventually turned into a custom lowrider.

The restoration process was challenging as all the parts had to be imported from the U.S., and the heavy import duty taxes increased the cost of the build. The shop owner, Note, explained that the car's body was destroyed, so they had to create a new one from scratch using metal, without the use of 3D molds or pre-made panels. To address the condition of rough roads in Thailand, an air suspension setup was chosen for the car, providing comfort and control during street driving.

The body of the car gracefully drops over Zenith wire wheels imported from California. Inside the car, modern gauges were installed along with a restored factory dash, seats, door panels, and roof liner. Note made sure to incorporate period-correct touches to achieve his vision of the perfect lowrider build. Thailand's automotive enthusiast community mostly focuses on Japanese vehicles modified for race duty.

The unique aspect of Volcano Custom Thailand is their dedication to American classics like the Bel Air, which sets them apart from others in the country. Their love for lowriders and efforts to spread the culture further contribute to their uniqueness and success. In conclusion, Volcano Custom Thailand's creation, the 1957 Chevy Bel Air lowrider, showcases their expertise in automotive restoration and customization. The shop's owner, Note, successfully transformed a restoration project into a custom lowrider, attracting attention with its unique design and attention to detail. Through their dedication to American classics, Volcano Custom Thailand contributes to spreading lowrider culture in Thailand's automotive enthusiast community.