Colts Owner Jim Irsay Spending $20M To Fly Orca From Miami To Be Set Free Back In Pacific Ocean

Earlier this week, there were reports that star running back Johnathan Taylor had met with Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, to request a trade due to feeling undervalued monetarily. However, on Thursday, Irsay made headlines again, and this time it seemed like a story from The Onion.

It was revealed that Irsay is planning to spend $20 million to fund the transportation of an Orca named Lolita from the Miami Seaquarium back to the Pacific Ocean, where she was born. Lolita is a four-ton Orca who is 53 years old, and she has been performing at the Miami Seaquarium for over 50 years.

The plan is to transport Lolita by cargo ship to a 15-acre netted area in the Puget Sound off Washington state, where her pod still lives. This move aims to reunite her with her family in the wild. Over half a million dollars have already been spent on supplies for this undertaking, and the timeframe for the move is expected to be within the next two years.

This news may seem unusual and unexpected, as it involves an NFL team owner diverting significant funds towards the welfare and relocation of a captive marine mammal. It's worth noting that the decision to transport Lolita back to the Pacific Ocean reflects a growing awareness and concern for animal welfare, particularly regarding keeping large marine animals in captivity.

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