Frosty Gains: Day 53 - Reclaiming My Strength in the Dead of Winter


In the 53rd day of Winter Bulk, the focus was on training the back muscles. The article shares details of the workout session, which consisted of different exercises targeting various parts of the back.

The session began with wide-grip pull-ups, aiming to stimulate the lats. The author describes the difficulty of this exercise and provides tips on how to properly perform it. This was followed by bent-over rows, done with a barbell. The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper form and engaging the back muscles throughout the movement.

Next, the author mentions doing a superset of dumbbell pullovers and seated cable rows, which help in developing the upper and mid-back muscles. They also suggest incorporating drop sets for the pullovers to further enhance the intensity.


Furthermore, the author includes an exercise called "face pulls," which primarily target the rear deltoids and upper back. They describe the technique and highlight its benefits for overall upper body development.

To finish off the back training, the article suggests doing two sets of neutral-grip pull-ups, which primarily focus on the mid-back and biceps. The author provides instructions on how to properly perform this exercise.

In conclusion, day 53 of Winter Bulk was dedicated to training the back muscles. The article highlights different exercises targeting various areas of the back, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper form and engaging the muscles throughout. The author provides tips and instructions on how to perform each exercise effectively.