Breaking News Alert: Fox News, Brace Yourself as We Dive into Human Composting!


Title: "Are You There Fox News? It's Me, Human Composting"


This article addresses the topic of human composting and its potential implications, specifically highlighting the lack of coverage by Fox News on the subject. It questions why Fox News, a prominent cable news network, has remained silent on this growing trend and its potential environmental benefits.

With the concept of human composting gaining traction as an alternative to traditional burial or cremation, various states in the US have already legalized or considered legalizing this eco-friendly practice. Human composting involves placing human remains in a container filled with organic materials, such as straw and wood chips, which ultimately decompose the body, creating nutrient-rich soil.


Despite the increasing popularity and potential environmental advantages of human composting, it appears that Fox News has shown little interest in covering this topic, as it lacks any mention of it in their reporting. This oversight is particularly interesting considering Fox News's conservative-leaning stance, emphasizing the preservation of traditional values and practices.

The article ponders why Fox News, known for its commentary on societal and cultural issues, has not addressed human composting, especially as it aligns with their supposed values. It suggests that perhaps the topic does not fit into the network's narrative, or that it might be deemed too progressive for their audience.


The author speculates that given the potential political implications, Fox News may be avoiding the topic to prevent stirring controversy among its conservative viewership. However, this deliberate omission raises concerns about the network's commitment to informing the public about important trends and shifts in society, especially those with potential environmental benefits.

The article further explores the advantages of human composting, such as reducing carbon emissions associated with cremation and conserving land used for burial. It highlights how human composting aligns with the principles of the circular economy, where resources are reused and recycled.


Furthermore, it touches on the emotional aspect of human composting, noting how some people find comfort in the idea of returning to nature rather than traditional burial methods.

In conclusion, the article emphasizes the need for Fox News, as a prominent news network, to engage with and report on emerging trends such as human composting. By doing so, they can provide their audience with a well-rounded perspective on important societal issues, while also shedding light on potential environmental benefits and alternative practices gaining traction within the funeral industry.