The Office: Why Ed Helms' Andy Was Made So Unlikable In Season 9


Andy Didn't Deserve His Bad The Office Ending

The Final Season's Of The Office Didn't Do Andy Bernard JusticeWhile Andy Bernard was certainly not the most lovable character, he didn't deserve his season 9 arc that culminated with the Andy The Office bad ending. In the penultimate episode of The Office, it's revealed that the documentary has been completed, coupled with exactly what happened in the main cast's futures. While many of the characters got a fitting finale, the one that really stood out was Andy's.

In the end, Andy Bernard made a complete fool of himself by having a mental breakdown during a singing competition show, and his meltdown was turned into an internet meme. While he did get to rejoin his alma mater (Cornell) as a member of the staff, his singing competition fit proves the writers cheapened his character arc with The Office ending.


What's even worse is that during The Office finale table read, it's revealed that Andy had a fiancé, and this happy news was scrapped from the finale. While not a major character in the same sense as Dwight, Jim, and Pam, Andy was given his own complex arc in the show as he dealt with his insecurities and emotional management issues, which were completely undone by his behavior during The Office season 9.

Andy's Ending Highlights The Office's Post-Michael Problem

The Show Wasn't The Same Without Steve CarrellAfter Steve Carrell left the show in The Office season 7, the writers were faced with the impossible task of replacing the iconic Dunder Mifflin boss, and the way Andy was treated in the final seasons is a perfect example of The Office's regional manager problem.


All the bosses that followed were viewed as unlikeable or too over the top, whether it was Andy or Will Ferrell's D'angelo Vickers. Even Dwight's personality totally changed as soon as he was hired as regional manager, becoming the most unlikable character in the show. While Dwight got on his coworker's nerves, he was always lovable in the eyes of The Office fans until he became regional manager.

The Office ComedyDramaSitcomThe Office is the U.S. remake of the British comedy mockumentary series of the same name. The show follows the misadventures of a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania, led by their unconventional and clueless boss, Michael Scott. The series covers nine years of footage as they find themselves recorded through their work days and off times.