Marcus Jordan Praises Lionel Messi For Spending Time With His Family And Throws Shade At His Father Michael Jordan: "The Dads Get A Bad Rap"

Being the son of NBA royalty came with a lot of perks for Marcus Jordan, who got to enjoy a lavish lifestyle from the time he was very young. 

Born in 1990, Marcus was born just before the height of his father's (Michael Jordan) career. Sadly, it meant that Jordan was often too busy to truly enjoy some quality time with Marcus and the rest of his family.

Obviously, the same could be said for every pro athlete, many of whom commit countless hours of their life to keep themselves in peak physical condition. 

Speaking publicly on the matter of sports fathers, Marcus offered up his own perspective and explained how some top athletes, like Lionel Messi, are breaking the narrative about what it means to be a family man as a sports icon.

"I like seeing that they do things together as a family," said Marcus on Messi's viral photo with his family at a grocery store in Miami. "I think we've talked about this. Like being an athlete… growing up in the family of a public figure. Sometimes, the dads get a bad rap for not being there necessarily. And I feel like with Messi… even down to publics he's going grocery shopping with his family. And so, you love to see that!"

The life of an NBA superstar is a busy one, and it can often time leave families starving for more time together. Clearly, Marcus experienced that to some degree, and it's why he speaks with such authority on the subject today.

The Unseen Side Of Michael Jordan

When Jordan was not playing, practicing, or traveling, he was probably at home doing his best to shield his family from the spotlight. While Jordan was far from perfect, he didn't always treat his family the same way he treated competition. 

In fact, his son Marcus once said that he could "turn off" that side of him completely and be a dad whenever he wanted.

"One of the biggest misconceptions was that he couldn't turn that [competitiveness] off. He definitely could turn it off and be a dad. But when it was on, it was on."

Needless to say, the family dynamic is always complicated when you're dealing with a star of Jordan's caliber. 

With no escape from the spotlight and the demand to constantly stay one step ahead, one can only imagine how tough it must have been to find enough time in the day to spend with those you care about.

Fortunately, things worked out for MJ and his family, and they appear to be working for Messi as well, who is living his best life in Miami. Maybe more athletes should start taking notes and follow in their footsteps.