Gen V Star Reveals the Problem With Jensen Ackles' Cameo

During the filming of Gen V, actor Chance Perdomo revealed that Jensen Ackles' cameo as Soldier Boy made shooting difficult that day. Although Ackles appeared as an imagined version of the character encountered inside the mind of Maddie Phillips' Cate, he still delivered vulgar lines. According to Perdomo, Ackles ad-libbed his performance, coming up with a range of explicit phrases. This made it challenging for the Gen V stars to stay in character, resulting in only around 10% of usable footage. Initially, the cameo was intended for Taylor Lautner, but Ackles' portrayal was well-received by fans. Perdomo referred to it as his favorite cameo of Gen V. The improvisation came about because Ackles felt it could be funnier, and he and executive producer Eric Kripke riffed off each other during filming. They generated numerous euphemisms for masturbation, but only a small fraction made it into the episode. In season 4 of The Boys, Soldier Boy is expected to return, although further details have not been announced. The new season is set to premiere on Prime Video in 2024.