Tips on Driving a Manual Transmission Vehicle You Need To Know!

Today most families in the United States own and drive automatic vehicles. Therefore, most teenagers learn on an automatic vehicle. However, it is a good idea to also take  when learning to drive just in case you have to drive a manual transmission vehicle for work or in an emergency. It is very important to know how to drive stick shift if you are travelling to another country as well. Unlike in the United States in many countries the typical car is a manual transmission vehicle.

A stick shift vehicle requires the driver to use a clutch. A clutch is a pedal that is used for gear shifting when you increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle. So, if you want to learn how to drive a manual gear shifting vehicle, here are some tips that can help you learn the technique easily:

Check if the stick is in neutral – Once you sit in the driver seat, you might find it a bit challenging at first with a manual gear shifting vehicle. Therefore, once you start the vehicle, make sure that the gear is in neutral. If not, use the clutch by pressing it and releasing it slowly to put the car into first gear. Slowly accelerate – Once you have put your vehicle in first gear, slowly press the gas pedal and simultaneously, release the clutch slowly. If you release the clutch too quickly, you can experience a jerk and the engine will stop. You will have to repeat the process again until you get it right. New drivers can find it challenging at first to balance the combination of both the pedals. Shifting gears – Once you have learned to put the vehicle in first gear, you will see that the vehicle automatically starts to move and it is then time to shift gears to increase the speed. Every time you accelerate or slow your vehicle, you are required to shift gears. The process of shifting gears by using clutch is similar in most manual transmission cars whether you are driving in first gear or fifth gear. Once you are comfortable and are able to move the stick shift vehicle to accelerate, you will find that it is fun to drive.

It is best to take proper professional training from Palos Verdes Driving School in order to learn to drive a manual transmission vehicle correctly and safely.