The Ultimate Collection: 10 Hilarious Running Gags from The Office U.S.


"The Office" is known for its clever and recurring running gags that have become iconic to the show. These running gags, or jokes that are repeated throughout the series, add humor and depth to the show's characters and storylines.

One of the top running gags in "The Office" is Jim Halpert's pranks on his coworker, Dwight Schrute. From placing his stapler in Jello to convincing Dwight that he is telepathic, Jim's pranks are a constant source of entertainment for viewers. Another popular running gag is Michael Scott's awkward and inappropriate behavior. Whether it's his cringe-worthy attempts at humor or his incessant need for attention, Michael's antics always leave us laughing.


Another running gag that fans love is Pam and Jim's ongoing romance. From their secret office relationship to their extravagant wedding, their love story adds a touch of sweetness amidst the chaos of the office. Stanley's disinterest and boredom also become a running gag, as he often falls asleep or finds ways to avoid participating in group activities.

Other notable running gags include Dwight's obsession with beet farming and his love for his fictional "Assistant to the Regional Manager" position. Creed's mysterious and questionable backstory is yet another running gag that keeps viewers guessing. Andy Bernard's constant singing and name dropping are also recurring jokes that showcase his quirky personality.

These running gags contribute to the humor and charm of "The Office" and have become some of the most beloved aspects of the show. They have helped to make "The Office" a timeless classic that continues to entertain fans even years after its finale.