Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins Go Wild! Reacting to THAT Twitter Prank


In a recent Twitter prank that has caused quite a stir, actors Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, known for their roles in the hit TV show Supernatural, found themselves at the center of a hilarious and unexpected joke. The prank, orchestrated by their co-star Jensen Ackles, involved a fake announcement of a Supernatural prequel series. The actors' reactions to the prank were caught on video and have since gone viral.

Padalecki and Collins were initially convinced that the announcement was genuine and could not contain their excitement. In the video, they can be seen jumping up and down and screaming with joy as they believe they will be able to continue playing their beloved characters for even longer. However, their elation was short-lived when Ackles revealed that it was all just a ruse.


The video captures the moment when Padalecki and Collins realize that they had been pranked, and their shocked and bewildered faces say it all. Both actors seem momentarily speechless and unable to comprehend what has just happened. However, it quickly becomes evident that they see the funny side of the joke and burst into laughter.

Fans of the show have been sharing the video across social media platforms, expressing their amusement and admiration for the actors' genuine reactions. The prank not only highlighted the close bond between the Supernatural cast members but also showcased their playful nature off-screen.

In the end, while the prank may have initially fooled Padalecki and Collins, it ultimately provided a lighthearted and hilarious moment that brought joy to both the actors and their fans.