Jensen's Desire to Join Misha's Playthings Leaves Jared in Astonishment


In a surprising turn of events, actor Jensen Ackles has expressed his desire to become one of his co-star Misha Collins' "toys." This revelation has left fellow actor and co-star Jared Padalecki shocked.

During a recent interview, Ackles discussed his fascination with Collins' collection of toys and expressed his desire to join their ranks. He playfully stated, "I want to be one of Misha's toys. I'll be happy just sitting on a shelf and watching the world go by."

Padalecki, upon hearing this statement, couldn't hide his shock and responded with disbelief. He exclaimed, "You want to be one of Misha's toys? Are you serious?"


The camaraderie between the actors is well-known, as the trio has shared the screen for many years on the popular television show "Supernatural." Their chemistry and banter have endeared them to fans worldwide.

While Ackles may have meant his comments as a light-hearted joke, it has certainly caught the attention of fans and sparked speculation about what this could mean for the future. With the show having concluded after an impressive 15-season run, fans are eager to see what projects the actors will be involved in next.

Only time will tell whether Ackles' desire to join Collins' toy collection will become a reality. In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the camaraderie and friendship that has made the "Supernatural" cast so beloved.