25 Walking Tips to Jumpstart Weight Loss, According to Fitness Experts

1. Check the weather

2. Hydrate

3. Get the right gear

4. Wear layers

5. Invest in reflective clothing and accessories

6. Focus on form

7. Pick up the pace

8. Set a goal

9. Walk on an incline

10. Sprinkle in some reverse walking

11. Try using light weights

12. Walk with a friend

13. Stroll with a furry loved one

14. Walk for a cause

15. Find a motivating playlist

16. Download a great audiobook

17. Listen to your favorite podcast

18. Find the right walking app for you

19. Walk around the world

20. Maximize your walk with a smartwatch

21. Try an audio-based walking course

22. Stay safe

23. Calculate your calorie burn

24. Finish with a 5-minute stretch

25. Consider building a walking plan for future walks