11 Best Full House Episodes, Ranked

11 Full House Season 4, Episode 19

"The Wedding, Part 2"

Full House season 4, episode 19, "The Wedding: Part 2," chronicles the highly anticipated wedding of Becky and Jesse, a milestone moment in the show. What makes this installment special is how it fully delivers on the excitement, mixing mischief, wholesome jokes, and joy in a way that's both heartwarming and entertaining. After Jesse's skydiving stunt lands him in a tight spot, Becky comes to the rescue just in time for their wedding. Despite a series of mishaps, their journey to the chapel ends on a happy note with a choral bus and a heartwarming ceremony.

10 Full House Season 5, Episode 10

"Happy Birthday, Babies, Part 2"

The arrival of Jesse and Becky's twins is a rollercoaster of comedy and heartfelt moments. During Michelle's Flintstone-themed birthday party, Becky goes into labor, setting off a chain of events. Jesse's emergency appendectomy adds another unexpected twist, creating more sitcom-esque drama. Despite the chaos, the entire family rallies together in anticipation of the twins' birth. This episode illustrates the family's ability to unite in challenging times, even while clad in Flintstone costumes. This episode also finally introduces the twins, Nicky and Alexander, marking a significant turning point in the show — even if their presence presents a few Full House plot holes and inconsistencies.

9 Full House Season 4, Episode 11

"Secret Admirer"

One of Full House's funnier episodes features DJ's romantic entanglement with the paperboy, Ricky. Rusty, the son of Danny's girlfriend, comes up with a silly prank that affects everyone throughout the episode. Rusty writes a deceptive love letter, intending for DJ to believe it's from Ricky, but this innocent joke leads to an entertaining chain reaction. Various members of the household intercept the letter, each falling for it in their own humorous way. This intricate and entertaining plot showcases the show's knack for family humor and the relatable dynamics of growing up in a busy household.

8 Full House Season 4, Episode 21

"The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang"

"The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang" highlights the classic sibling rivalry between DJ and Stephanie, with Stephanie imitating her older sister's every move, from how she dresses to how she speaks. The sisterly clash reaches a breaking point, leading to an argument that inadvertently results in a hole in the wall. The episode's charm lies in its portrayal of one of the series' more authentic and familial moments. DJ's irritation with her copycat sister is relatable, while Stephanie's desire to emulate her big sister strikes an emotional and sympathetic chord. This makes it one of the more emotionally resonant Full House episodes.

7 Full House Season 6, Episode 14

"Birthday Blues"

"Birthday Blues" is a Full House episode that has a heavier tone than others. The usual sweetness of a 16th birthday turns sour for Kimmy Gibbler, as DJ's oversight in forgetting her best friend's birthday sparks a last-minute scramble to plan a celebration. This forces the Tanner family to become impromptu party planners, decorators, and guests. As the preparations unfold, Kimmy is oblivious to the thoughtless arrangements — that is, until Steve inadvertently reveals the truth. The episode is exceptional in portraying a more vulnerable side of Kimmy, shedding light on her depth as a character beyond her usual quirky persona.

6 Full House Season 5, Episode 8

"Gotta Dance"

In this memorable Full House episode, Stephanie's desire to join an intensive dance program becomes the focal point. She begs Danny to let her participate, and he eventually concedes, influenced by his unfulfilled dream of being a high jumper. However, as Stephanie becomes immersed in the program, she soon realizes it has consumed her life. DJ's wise words spark a moment of introspection, leading Stephanie to confront her father about her decision. This installment also features a fun dance number set to Boyz II Men's "Motown Philly," giving it a nice touch of '90s nostalgia.

5 Full House Season 6, Episode 24

"The House Meets the Mouse, Part 2"

"The House Meets the Mouse" is a two-part finale for Full House season 6. The Tanner family, along with Kimmy, go on a memorable family trip to Disney World. This episode offers a blend of humor and sweet moments as Jesse juggles work commitments and his anniversary with Rebecca. Meanwhile, Danny plans to propose to his girlfriend, Vicky Larson. The storyline also takes a look into sibling dynamics, with Michelle enjoying her "Princess for a Day" experience, prompting some jealousy from Stephanie. Each character's unique adventure and interactions with Disney characters like Snow White and Chip and Dale contribute to the episode's charm.

4 Full House Season 3, Episode 20

"Honey, I Broke the House"

"Honey, I Broke the House'' is a classic Full House episode. In this iconic installment, Stephanie, left unsupervised, has an adventure in Joey's classic car, unwittingly putting it into gear. The car goes straight through the kitchen wall, leaving debris and chaos in its path. Stephanie flees to Aunt Becky's house, and Jesse's search for her takes an amusing turn when he discovers Stephanie hiding in the closet. This visually memorable episode shows a level of forgiveness that's admirable, as Stephanie receives very little punishment for her mishap.

3 Full House Season 6, Episode 17

"Silence is Not Golden"

"Silence is Not Golden" is one of Full House's most powerful episodes, tackling the heavy issue of child abuse in a respectful and realistic way. The storyline revolves around Stephanie's classmate, Charles, who confides in her that he is being abused by his father. Despite being sworn to secrecy, Stephanie's growing concern prompts her family, particularly Jesse, to take action and report the abuse. The episode's significance lies in its portrayal of the importance of breaking the silence surrounding abuse and speaking out, even when asked not to.

2 Full House Season 8, Episode 24

"Michelle Rides Again, Part 2"

The memorable Full House series finale delivers an impactful conclusion to the sitcom. The episode continues the aftermath of Michelle's horseback riding accident, which happens in the first part, leaving her with temporary memory loss. This emotional twist prompts Michelle to ask questions about her mother's passing and ends in a heartwarming scene where both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appear on-screen, representing her memories. Despite the weight of the circumstances, the episode retains Full House's signature blend of humor and charm. This episode offers a touching farewell that celebrates the enduring bond of the Tanner family.

1 Full House Season 7, Episode 17

"The Last Dance"

A Full House episode sure to make viewers cry, "The Last Dance" features Uncle Jesse's grandfather, Papouli, whose visit brings warmth and joy to the Tanner household before he dies in his sleep. This particular installment resonates deeply, highlighting the show's talent for connecting on a deeper, emotional level. Additionally, the episode marks a significant turning point in Michelle's coming-of-age journey and shows just how close and loving the Tanner family is. Despite its melancholy tone, it stands as one of Full House's best episodes.