Fans hilariously tear into World Rugby after World Cup final 'leak'

World Rugby has once again become a hot topic among fans following a recent report suggesting that Aaron Smith's try in the World Cup final should not have been disallowed. According to, World Rugby has privately acknowledged to the All Blacks that the ruling out of Smith's try was outside the rules. This revelation has led to a flurry of memes and posts on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter).

The controversy surrounding Smith's disallowed try has reminded some fans of similar incidents in the past. Scottish content creator Graham Love jokingly referred to Scotland's 2015 Rugby World Cup quarter-final defeat to Australia, where referee Craig Joubert wrongly awarded Australia a penalty instead of a scrum following a knock-on by the Scots. Love quipped that World Rugby told him they were relieved that the TMO (television match official) did not check for a knock-on during that match.

Another fan, The 2nd Row, humorously suggested that Ireland had actually won the World Cup. Their post humorously claimed that World Rugby secretly revealed to them that Ireland were the true winners since they were the only team to beat South Africa. This post poked fun at Ireland's defeat in the tournament.

In response to yet another leak, this time relating to the referee review from the quarter-final between South Africa and France, user AP Cronje posted a clip to highlight the ongoing leaks. The leaks have only fueled further jokes and speculation among fans.

South Africans joined in on the fun, with one Twitter user jokingly writing, "World Rugby has admitted that the 1987 World Cup was just a trial run and shouldn't count as the real thing." Journalist Brenden Nel added to the humor by sharing an imaginary scenario in which a source at World Rugby claimed that the 2007 forward pass missed by Wayne Barnes was not actually forward but rather a result of a wrong TV angle.

Even Handre Pollard, known for his impressive performances in the 2019 and 2023 Rugby World Cup, was not spared from the jokes. One user stated, "World Rugby has privately admitted to me that based on the blood work they've received, Handré Pollard does indeed have ice in his veins."

Not even the famous Barbarians try was safe from these jokes. Another user claimed, "A source inside World Rugby confirmed to me privately that he thinks the pass from Derek Quinnell to Gareth Edwards during the 'Greatest Try in Rugby' in 1973 for the Barbarians against the All Blacks was forward out of the hand and should have been disallowed."

The humor extended beyond World Cup incidents, with one user commenting on a more social debate stating, "Breaking News: World Rugby has privately admitted that pineapple does in fact not belong on a pizza."

Overall, the report on Aaron Smith's disallowed try in the World Cup final has sparked a wave of humor and memes among rugby fans. While these jokes and speculations entertain fans, it's important to remember that they are all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously.