Stephen Curry Gives His Honest Opinion On GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan And LeBron James

In NBA discussions, we often see fans talk about the GOAT debate, and which player people consider the GOAT. The two most prominent names in that debate are Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Though most people side with Michael Jordan in GOAT discussions, a lot of people among the younger generation are staunch in their belief of LeBron James holding the GOAT crown. Recently, Stephen Curry weighed in on the debate, claiming that he believes there is more than one GOAT, noting that it is hard to compare players from different eras.

"I ascribe to the belief that there are multiple GOATs. It is so hard to compare eras. And getting into that conversation of, if you put Michael in this era and LeBron in that era, it's kind of unfair," Curry explained. (0:46)

This is a fair take from Stephen Curry, and there are a lot of people who ascribe to the "multiple GOATs" belief. It seems as though the debate will rage on for people who only believe in there being one GOAT, as even now, it is unclear who the greatest is.

Channing Frye Believes Michael Jordan And LeBron James Are 1A And 1B In The GOAT Debate

There is no doubt that most people discuss Michael Jordan and LeBron James in the GOAT debate. A lot of people think that the two are in the same tier, with Channing Frye once claiming that Jordan is 1A and James is 1B.

"When I say Jordan and Bron are 1A and 1B, if you can't agree with me on that, then you just don't like LeBron," Frye said. "That's just it. How are you the greatest if you aren't number one at anything? But Jordan is number one all-time at career average scoring. If you're not top five at multiple things, how are you the greatest at something? You may have been the best at what you did, but how are you the greatest?"

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are both legendary players in their own right. Hopefully, one day, we can appreciate both for their contributions to the game, rather than consistently comparing them to one another.