10 Best Hand-to-Hand Fighters In Movie History


Action movies often feature various fighting tactics, but hand-to-hand combat is often the most captivating. Recent movies have introduced expert fighters like Evelyn Quan Wang and Waymond Wang, but there have been past heroes that have convincingly defeated villains as well.

Bruce Lee's character in Enter the Dragon stands out for his demonstration of Jeet Kun Do. He fights with potency to impress his boss and avenge his sister's murder. The iconic final fight against the primary antagonist is even more memorable because Lee impales him despite the threat of the antagonist's prosthetic razor arm.


Chuck Norris' character in Lone Wolf McQuade is known for his signature round-kick and stands off against the gangster in a memorable finale duel.

Keanu Reeves' character in the John Wick franchise is not only a marksman but also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He utilizes various techniques, such as Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, tae Kwon Do, and Aikido, to take down his enemies.

Iko Uwais' character in The Raid showcases precise kicks and punches as a member of an elite Indonesian special forces unit. He beats his opponents with impressive endurance and stamina.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's character in Kickboxer fights with humor and skill, even while drunk. His determination and focus allow him to emerge victorious in challenging fights.


Steven Seagal's character in Exit Wounds displays his aikido skills in a fight scene where he delivers an impressive bicycle kick.

Donnie Yen's character in Ip Man, Bruce Lee's real-life mentor, is shown to protect himself using Wing Chun techniques during a dangerous time.

Jason Statham's character in the Transporter franchise is a meticulous perfectionist who excels in both fighting and driving. His most iconic fight scene takes place in a slippery oil-covered garage, where he easily defeats his opponents.

Jet Li's character in Fist of Legend showcases impressive fight scenes using Chin Na techniques. He displays resilience and endurance, even continuing to fight with a dislocated arm.

Jackie Chan's character in Police Story, Ka-Kui, engages in the most stunts and uses his quick reactions and props to his advantage in fight scenes.

Overall, these characters have captivated audiences with their fighting skills and memorable fight scenes.