Mind-Blowing Announcement: Leo Messi's Firstborn on Path to Become U-12 Top Scorer at Inter Miami"


Thiago Messi, the eldest son of footballing legend Leo Messi, is already showing hints of his father's talent on the field. The 11-year-old is on track to become the top scorer for Inter Miami's U-12 team, with an impressive 13 goals under his belt in just six games.

As whispers of his talent started to circulate, a video started trending on social media that put any doubts about the youngster’s abilities to rest. It showcases Messi's best plays with the Inter Miami Herons and without a doubt, it left everyone in awe. The fluidity of his movement, the precision of his passes, and his control with the ball at his feet are all strikingly reminiscent of his legendary father.


Born to bear the heavy mantle of his father's legacy, Thiago is not only rising to the occasion but seems to have been born with natural talent. Just like the senior Messi, he shows a real vision for the game and an uncanny ability to find the back of the net.

What’s notable is that Thiago will turn 12 only in November 2024, and already, he has shown such an impressive performance. His parents are seen often at his games, providing the love and encouragement any young footballer needs.

The world of soccer might witness a continuation of yet another epic rivalry as Cristiano Ronaldo's son, Angel dos Santos Aveiro, also demonstrates impressive skills on the field. As the heirs of current soccer legends step onto the pitch, the future of world soccer seems to be in pretty talented feet.