1959 Chevrolet Impala - '59 Impala "Jazzy"!

Pierre Suranto from San Antonio, Texas, built a stunning 1959 Chevy Impala called "Jazzy". The car was stripped down and rebuilt in Pierre's garage. The original paint scheme was kept with a PPG Aspen Green color. The interior was done by Jerry Vincent with a mix of leather and suede. The engine, a 348 V8, was overhauled, and the powerglide works effortlessly.

The sound system includes three subs, a 6x9, a 6-inch speaker, and two Audiobahn amps linked to a Zune with wireless Dock. The car also has an air ride with four switches and two ViAir compressors. Pierre's wife felt it was too precious of a car to use hydraulics, so he called on Gilbert Gonzales of USA Motorsports to install an air ride system.